Kefalonia boat rental Fiscardo

Regina's Boats Fiscardo Kefalonia

Regina's boats offers a wide range of boats for hire in Fiscardo Kefalonia. Hundreds of tourists visit us every year and they are excited by the experience. We desire and aim at your own security and pleasure!

Even if you have no previous experience, it will be very easy to operate the boats, as we will provide you detailed instructions about basic skills, engine functions, as well as information about cruising limits, how to dock and a detailed weather forecast.

On board your motor boat for the day you will find a canopy and cushions for your comfort. There are ladders to the boat for ease of boarding and cool box is supplied with ice, water and fruit juice and you can pack your own picnic to take with you. Snorkelling equipment is also supplied free of charge!

For your safety a mobile phone will be provided in case you do not have one. Boats come with safety equipment including life-jackets, flares, oars, first aid kit, anchor and fire extinguisher.

All of our boats are equipped with 4 stroke or 2 stroke engines and are supplied with electric start engine and steering wheel which makes handling very easy.

Regina’s Boats Fiscardo Kefalonia can provide all the essentials necessary for a water adventure you’ll never forget!


"Enjoy a whole new perspective of the island of Kefalonia from the sea. It will be the best day of your holidays!"